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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Icy Wickedness

Winter is a cold time for Julianization. I often say that this season was not God's plan for me. Every winter I fall ill, my joints start to ache, and I slip and fall as a result of icy wickedness. Having said that I am still amazed at Snow. Growing up I spent "winters" in my hometown in Nigeria where it is around 30 degrees celsius and 86 fahrenheit year round.  Snow for me is this compelling creature. There is something poetic about falling snowflakes and it excites me to the core. It is a time for a rebirth. The trees lose their leaves, days become shorter, and bears hibernate. Nature is pretty much begging you to chill (tell that to my university). Today I took photos with my friend Isabelle and we decided to celebrate the sometimes deadly force that is winter. The trousers are Zara, my trench coat is from a thrift store in London, and my shoes are Timberland.  Photos by Rigzom.

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