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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First time

     These photos are almost 3 years old now but I thought it was important for them to be included in my first post. My summer in France in 2011 laid the foundation for much of my current style and opened my eyes to the many possibilities of menswear. Nights at the sole discotheque in Pont-Aven, and eating out at the town's multiple seafood restaurants taught me a whole lot about color, fit, and layering. These photos also represent a time when I had many new experiences: I traveled alone for the first time, took a course in visual art in Bretagne, and interned at a company in Paris. This blog will be a similar first for me, and for the first time I will be documenting my interest in menswear. I enjoy giving people advice that sometimes I may or may not take myself, and I hope you follow me on this experimental journey. I'd say my main fashion inspirations were Don Draper (from Mad Men), Kanye West, and Mick Jagger. Having said that, my own style ranges from preppy to urban to what some might just call weird. 

À tout,

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