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Sunday, March 2, 2014


In the face of your final semester at university, there are so many mixed emotions involved. In some ways I feel ready for what is next after Brown: hopefully living in an apartment, working in New York city (fingers crossed), and my potential pug puppy called Marie Antoinette. Having said that, I am extremely nervous at leaving a place that has provided me with so much comfort and growth for the past few years. I am a proud couch potato (and the icy wickedness hasn't helped) but in the past few weeks it's been nice to go exploring with the frandz. Today, Mo, Angela, and I decided to frolic in the sunset and take some photographs.  We might be seniors with our struggles and mixed feelings, but there's nothing like some good old vitamin D. Shoes are Cole Haan, Coat and trousers are Zara Man, and Sweater is Ralph Lauren.

À tout,

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