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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dots and Transitions

It's that time of the year when shorts become trousers, cotton and polyester start to take over from linen, and flip flops and sandals retire in favor of slightly warmer options.  If you know anything about my clothing choices, then you know I'm obsessed with bold prints: I pulled out my Jacquard T-Shirt from Zara for this shoot.
My approach to patterns is usually to have the bold print be the focus and to mute everything else I'm wearing. Usually. Thanks to my favorite brand of socks Happy Socks for keeping my toes warm and simultaneously adding a nice pop of color to my outfits including the polka dot pair I'm wearing here.   

For a while now I've lived with Chronic Resting Dick Face. This article says it perfectly: That’s not to say I never smile, or that I can’t appreciate the simple beauty of everyday things, but I reserve the physical manifestation of happiness for when I’m actually happy—elated, even. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Enjoy my current favorite Drake track, Hotline Bling.

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